Participating Facilities & Locations

Elementary School

WEmentors currently serves Burlington and Winooski area schools with our mentorship program. Please check back soon for our full list of participating schools and locations. If you are an educator or parent located in either of these areas and would like to register a mentee or learn more about the program, please contact us at (802) 656-0776.

Mentorship for Other Age Groups

Though our team is currently focused on the mentorship of younger populations, the benefits of mentoring do not have age restrictions.

Older populations that have been working at the same company for decades may not have the same technological knowledge or skills that a 20-30 year old may have.
Corporations and businesses could facilitate mentoring between employees who have mastered an area of expertise (web design, organizational skills, computer programming, marketing, accounting, etc.) with either new employees or those seeking further knowledge.

Our goal is to eventually expand the WEmentors Program to other age groups and universities. If you are interested in learning more about the WEmentor program as well as stay up to date on all our developments, please subscribe to our newsletter.

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