Program Description & History

UVM Wellness Environment Program

What is the UVM Wellness Environment?

  • A new residential community of students committed to keeping their living space a healthy place by focusing on healthy brains and healthy bodies
  • Focuses on promoting personal and community health through four pillars of wellness: Mindfulness, Fitness, Nutrition, and Mentorship
  • WE students take a behavioral change neuroscience course called Healthy Brains, Healthy Bodies, which focuses on the evidence of the four pillars of health.
  • Students bring their own commitment to an environment free from the influence and impact of alcohol and other drugs.


WEmentors is an essential component of WE. It is the pillar that paves the way for our students to give back to their community in a mutually beneficial relationship. WEmentors is unique in that we provide a mentorship experience that stems from the mentee’s interests, and also includes learning about the four pillars of wellness.

While we begin with mentors from our program with younger individuals in the Burlington area, WEmentors will be open to growth across UVM campus and the greater Burlington area.

About WEmentors

  • WEmentors connects children and youth with mentors in a fun and active way!
  • WEmentors creates a positive learning environment for youths an promotes healthy, affirming mentor relationships.
  • WEmentors offers an abundance of different activities, from sports to baking.
  • WEmentors can find mentors in your community and access facilities near you!
  • WEmentors offers training to become a mentor as well as learning experiences from professionals.

Program Goals & Impact

Mentorship is one of the most powerful interventions to grow communities and facilitate optimal human development. WEmentors will create a network of mentorship between the greater Burlington area University of Vermont students with the potential to yield fantastic outcomes. Communities will be brought closer together, young adults/teenagers will have improved self-awareness and confidence, and kids will feel less intimidated as they work their way through elementary to high school. WEmentors can contribute to developing healthier and safer communities.

Students who meet with a mentor regularly are. . .

  • 52% less likely to skip classes
  • 46% less likely to abuse illegal drugs
  • 20% less likely to start using alcohol

Interested in Participating in this Program?